Car Brand Loyalty: The Best and Worst

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Car brand loyalty is just one of the many things to consider when you're shopping for a vehicle, but it's also one of the most important. Measured by how many drivers purchase an automobile from the same manufacturer, car brand loyalty can help you find the most popular options as well as the most dependable and longest-lasting vehicles on the market.

So, which brands have the best and worst car brand loyalty?

Longest Lasting Car Brands

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Car Brands With The Best Loyalty
  • 1. Honda
  • 2. Subaru
  • 3. Toyota
Car Brands With The Worst Loyalty
  • 1. FIAT
  • 2. Mitsubishi
  • 3. Scion

The Best Car Brand Loyalty

1. Honda

From the Accord to the Ridgeline, Honda cars have delivered the power, efficiency, and dependability every driver needs with each model year. Plus, all their vehicles have a long history of reliability. With numerous safety and dependability awards, it's easy to see why so many of its loyal drivers choose to stick with Honda cars when they need a new vehicle.

2. Subaru

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As one of the most trusted manufacturers, it's no surprise that Subaru is known for its car brand loyalty. Each Subaru, including the Outback, Forester, and Impreza, is recognized as an IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK year after year. Best of all, 97% of all models sold within the last decade are still on the road today. So, whether you buy new or used, you can bet that a Subaru is built to last.

3. Toyota

Sticking with a Toyota means years of dependable performance and safety. Since the brand was first introduced, Toyota has been dedicated to producing safe and affordable cars. Above all, there's a Toyota model for everyone. Whether you're looking for a vehicle for you or your young driver, you'll be sure to find a safe and long-lasting car that'll cater to your specific needs.

The Worst Car Brand Loyalty


FIAT 500L Car

The FIAT brand features an array of luxurious and beautifully designed cars. They're spacious, well-equipped, and offer a robust yet efficient ride. Unfortunately, with only a handful of models to choose from, FIAT's car brand loyalty isn't as great as other brands.

2. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi was one of the most popular car brands in the past. While its models have undergone their fair share of upgrades, not much has changed overall about some of their vehicles throughout the years. However, they have been working to freshen up its lineup and increase its car brand loyalty by announcing new models with upgraded technologies and sleeker designs.

3. Scion

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Car

Scion cars are famous for their unique designs, sport performance, and overall versatility. Plus, they're quite dependable. The only reason why their car brand loyalty is so low is that Scion was discontinued in 2016. However, pre-owned Scion cars are available at used car dealerships nationwide, so you can still get behind the wheel and enjoy everything the brand has to offer.

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Car brand loyalty can give you a better idea as to which brands offer the dependability, safety, and long-lasting performance needed for your peace of mind. Now that you know a little more about which manufacturers have the best and worst car brand loyalty, you'll want to see of some of their models for yourself.

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