Community Spotlight: Biscuit Bar

Best Biscuits Dallas TX

Comfort food can take on many forms, but there's nothing like a good biscuit. Warm and fluffy, biscuits are one of the few foods that can truly make a person feel right at home.

If your mouth is watering-we know ours are-just think about biting into a perfectly baked biscuit. Then, head over to Plano or Dallas and visit the Biscuit Bar!

The Story Behind the Biscuit Bar

The idea behind the Biscuit Bar started with the Burkett family. After the heartbreaking loss of one of their twin girls in 2016, Jake and Janie Burkett found comfort in not only their friends and family, but food, as well. One thing that always ended up on their menu of comfort foods after this trying time? Biscuits.

On New Year's Eve, the Burketts, along with Janie's brother Jacob Allen, put together their very first biscuit bar right in their kitchen. With homemade biscuits and toppings, including bacon, sausage gravy, and fried chicken, their do-it-yourself biscuit bar paved the way for the eatery that we all know and love today and helped the Burketts discover a new passion.

The first Biscuit Bar opened in 2018. Since then, people far and wide have flocked to this eatery to experience the best biscuits in the Dallas area!

Everything Is Better on a Biscuit

Bacon Egg and Cheese biscuit

It's true what they say: Everything is better on a biscuit. A quick trip to the Biscuit Bar can prove that. Stop by and get a taste of all their biscuits.

Looking for something hearty to start off your day? Try one of their Bacon Egg + Cheese biscuits. Looking for something a little sweeter? Sink your teeth into their Biscuit French Toast, which is a biscuit dipped in sweet vanilla custard that's then pan-fried and topped with house-made whipped cream.

The possibilities are essentially endless at the Biscuit Bar, but this fast-casual restaurant does more than just biscuits. If you're craving a salad or some of their specialty tots, they have those, too. Plus, with mimosas, Tequila Sunrises, and Bloody Marys all on the menu, the Biscuit Bar is definitely a must for brunch. They even have a few brews on tap for the late-night crowds!

While their menu is beyond impressive and incredibly delicious, the success of this local eatery boils down to the experience you get every time you visit. The Burketts have taken the time to lovingly develop each recipe on the menu right in their own kitchen to make sure each bite feels and tastes like a slice of home. Overall, they've dedicated themselves to spreading some love with everyone through food, fun, and family.

Indulge & Grab a Biscuit

There truly is nothing like a good biscuit. If you're craving a bit of comfort food, indulge yourself and grab a biscuit at the Biscuit Bar in Plano and Dallas.

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