Local Spotlight: Hops & Grain

Best Brewery near Austin TX

Austin is a paradise for all beer lovers. After all, it is home to more breweries than any other city in Texas. Among those breweries is Hops & Grain. With eight years of experience serving the Austin beer community with incredible brews, it's definitely a go-to for a cold pint for many in town.

When it comes to breweries in the city, Hops & Grain tends to stand out. With a dedication to keeping the local aspect of local breweries alive and a commitment to sustainability, they're known as Austin's finest brewery.

So, when you're craving a good local beer in the live music capital of the world, Hops & Grain is a great place to go.

Brews with a Bit of Austin Flair

Beer Flavors

At the heart of every local brewery is their beer selection. Whether you're buying from a store or you're visiting their Austin tap house, Hops & Grain has a brew for everyone. Their list of beers changes with every season, but there are some you can expect any time of the year.

Here's a closer look at some of the most popular Hops & Grain year-round beers:

  • Lupulin Rodeo - An IPA (India Pale Ale) that's all about the hops, this brew includes a blend of six hop varieties to create a rich beer with hints of grapefruit and a tropical finish.
  • River Beer - The brewery's take on a classic American lager, this brew includes a blend of German malt, hops, and top-quality lager yeast. Overall, it's light, crisp, and clean, making it the perfect beer for any palate and occasion.
  • Porter Culture - Craving a porter? Choose this iconic brew. Layered with chocolate wheat and bittered black malt, it features coffee and dark chocolate flavors with a hint of roast.

Beers Brewed Locally

Hops & Grain is a brewery that knows how to keep the local aspect of any brewery alive. For over eight years, they've been providing the Austin community with brews that really embody the fun spirit of the area.

Today, they still continue to do that, but they also have plans to brew their specialty beers right in town. They even have a new brewing facility in San Marcos, where the majority of their production now takes place.

Plus, they're proud to offer two incredible taprooms in Austin and San Marcos. With a great selection of beers, food trucks, and a friendly and fun atmosphere, it doesn't matter which one you go to. Both taprooms can be the perfect spot to unwind and try amazing beers.

Local Beers Brewed with Sustainability

Beer for Sale

Beer isn't hard to come by in Austin, TX, but Hops & Grain is pretty unique. Not only are they all about brewing the best beers in town, but they're also committed to doing it in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

Hops & Grain is all about sustainability. From using eco-friendly six-pack containers and reusing spent grains to make their famous Brew Biscuit dog treats to donating one percent of their annual revenue to local environmental nonprofits, their brand is all about staying green. They even have a system in their brewery that recaptures C02 to boost their sustainability efforts even further.

Grab a Brew at Hops & Grain

Hops & Grain isn't your ordinary brewery. With a dedication to sustainability and a commitment to brewing the best local beers in the Austin area, Hops & Grain definitely stands out from the crowd.

Looking to learn more? Head over to one of their Austin or San Marcos taprooms or follow them on Facebook for updates on their newest brews.