Best Car Colors to Buy

Best Car Colors

From performance and handling to interior and safety features, drivers have many important factors to consider when buying a car. So, why should something seemingly as simple as the exterior color matter when making your car-buying decision?

Color doesn’t just affect how a car looks; it can also play a role in determining its resale value and safety. So, what are the best car colors to buy? Check out this car color guide from the team at Val-U-Line® to find out.

Best Car Colors for Resale

Red Luxury Cars

Looking to make the most out of your automotive investment? If you’re planning on selling your vehicle down the line, you’ll want to choose the following car colors: white, silver, gray, and black.

Some automotive design trends come and go with the seasons. However, car colors in shades of black and white are known to withstand the test of time, which means they’ll always be a popular option for drivers now and well into the future. Overall, the more timeless a car color is, the longer it can retain its overall value.

Other shades can help with resale value, too, depending on the type of vehicle you drive home in. For example, bright red, dark blue, and black tend to be popular for sportier cars, such as coupes and luxury models. If you’re in the market for a truck or SUV, you may want to consider a dark gray or dark blue exterior to help ensure its resale value.

Best Car Colors for Safety

It’s not just advanced driver-assist technologies and airbag systems that keep you safe behind the wheel: it’s the car color too.

Typically, the best car colors for safety are on the brighter end of the color spectrum. White cars are among the most popular for safety because they can be the easiest to spot on the roads. Whether it’s bright and sunny or dark and cloudy, a white vehicle can stand out in any lighting condition.

A gold exterior is also a top car color for safety. Not only does it stand out as a more unique color option, but it can also reflect light at night, making it more visible to other drivers on the road.

If you want something that’ll help you stand out for safety and match your bright personality, yellow and orange are great car colors to consider as well.

Easiest Car Colors to Maintain

Maintaining Car Color

With regular washes, you can keep the exterior of your vehicle looking like new for years to come. However, some car colors are easier to maintain than others.

There’s no way to avoid the buildup of dirt and grime on a car, but tan and champagne as well as silver and gray car colors can help mask their appearance. Brighter, neutral colors like these can also help hide scratches and small dings.

These car colors can help reduce the appearance of imperfections on your vehicle, but you will need to wash off dirt and grime regularly to keep the paint shining bright.

Find the Right Car in the Right Color for You

There’s a whole world of car colors out there to choose from, but the right shade for you will depend on your specific wants and needs. So, be sure to consult this guide to help you find the perfect hue for your next set of wheels.

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