Best Garden Centers Houston TX

Garden Centers near Houston, TX

As a homeowner, you deserve to have the house of your dreams—from the inside out. By setting up a beautiful garden, you can feel good while being surrounded by nature. Plus, you can create stunning views for neighbors and guests to enjoy.

If you’ve been wanting to create the perfect outdoor landscape, but don’t know where to begin, these best garden centers near Houston, TX, can help. Keep reading to learn all about their services!

Buchanan’s Native Plants

Best Garden Center Houston TX

Garden Center Houston, TX

Buchanan’s Native Plants has been providing native plants to Houston gardeners since 1986. Here, you’ll find a large selection of hardy natives along with:

  • Perennials
  • Herbs
  • Vegetables
  • Shrubs
  • Roses

Every plant they sell is suited to the Houston climate. As a result, your garden will be able to flourish any time of the year.

If you need help finding plants of certain colors, herbs, fruits, or tropicals, the expert staff members will be more than happy to help. Since each person is brimming with knowledge on gardens, they can address any inquiries that you may have.

Maybe you’re looking to learn more about pest control and want to know which products are environmentally friendly. Perhaps you want the best ways to start growing roses in your garden. Regardless of what your green thumb interests are, attending classes or simply conversing with workers can help you become an expert gardener in no time!

Plus, the staff here will make sure you get the soils, birding supplies, garden accents, and anything else you need to make your spot truly one of a kind.

Check out Buchanan’s Native Plants on Facebook to see what’s available in the greenhouse today!

Enchanted Nurseries & Landscapes

Helping to Beautify Your Land

Enchanted Nurseries & Landscapes is a family-owned garden center dedicated to helping local homeowners create beautiful gardens.

They sell a wide variety of plants, including bulbs, ferns, and sun annuals. Plus, they have all the extra tools and supplies you’ll need to get to work.

Furthermore, this business holds lots of fun events throughout the year. Whether you want to take a gardening class or celebrate the holidays, you can certainly do so at this garden center.

Houston Garden Centers

Plants Backed by a Knowledgeable Staff

Tropical Garden near Houston, TX

If you’re not sure what to plant in your backyard, then visit Houston Garden Centers to talk to the experts!

They’ll help you create the ultimate outdoor paradise with their wide selection of bedding plants, vines, tropicals, and more. Plus, you’ll want to take advantage of their plant of the month, so you can find one that’ll thrive at a particular time of the year.

When landscaping, there are several questions to ask yourself, such as “Will the final result be formal or natural?” With the help of this business’s staff members, all your questions—including ones you may not have thought of—will be answered.

J&J Nursery

One-Stop Shop for All Your Landscaping Needs

Colorful impatiens, beautiful blue bonnets, and more flowers are available at J&J Nursery. This family-owned wholesale/retail outlet specializes in landscaping plants and other materials you need for your personal garden.

What started as a local farmer produce stand has quickly evolved into one of the area’s premier stone and landscaping outlets. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or novice gardener, they have everything you need for your next DIY project.

Their inventory includes slabs, moss rock, and other stones along with trees and shrubs. Plus, you’ll find different sands, gravels, and soils to give the area around your home a truly unique look and feel to it.

Kingwood Garden Center

Providing Knowledge on Gardening & Lawn Care

Garden Center near Houston, TX

Kingwood Garden Center is located in an area known as “The Livable Forest.” It’s been around since 1977 and is a great spot to find unique gifts and items.

The staff members pride themselves on providing high-quality nursery plants and products. Plus, they’re committed to offering individual attention to customers to make sure each person leaves their store feeling happy and confident with their next outdoor project.

In addition to some truly beautiful plants, you’ll find fountains, soils, and pottery. Anything you need to create a stunning home garden, they can provide it for you.

Round Rock Garden Center

Adding Value to Your Outdoor Space

Round Rock Garden Center was established in 1972 as a destination for plants, pottery, and other outdoor beauty items.

Their mission is to provide a wonderful experience to customers each time they visit. This is done through both their selection and expertise of their staff members. In fact, this business is known for having loyal customers come back time and again for all their home garden needs.

Here, you’ll find a large selection of vegetables, roses, and trees. Plus, with the Gardener Rewards Program, you earn points to eventually get up to 50% off a future purchase. You’ll also receive invitations to exclusive events that you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

Create the Garden of Your Dreams Today

Whatever vision of the perfect garden you may have, these Houston garden centers can turn that dream into a reality.

So, don’t wait. Visit any of businesses to get started today!