Best Houston Escape Room

Best Houston Escape Rooms

Do you and your friends consider yourselves to be master problem solvers? Do you want to test your skills in a challenging and fun-filled way? If you live in the Houston area and you answered yes to those questions, you'll want to check out these top Houston escape rooms!

The Escape Game Houston

Prison Break Escape Room near Houston, TX

The Escape Game Houston offers some of the best escape rooms in the area. It's a top traveler-ranked establishment for Room Escape Games and Fun Activities & Games on TripAdvisor, and it's really easy to see why.

Located in the heart of CityCentre-one of Houston's biggest destinations for fun and excitement-The Escape Game Houston starts with their custom-designed adventures. Each one is made from scratch and uses items from their massive prop warehouse and advanced robotics to make the escape rooms really come to life. You'll have 60 minutes to test your skills. Plus, with twists and turns around each corner, you're sure to run into your fair share of challenges along the way. The Escape Game Houston, you'll have four adventures to choose from:

  • Prison Break: Escape a life behind bars as a wrongfully accused prisoner and find out the truth about the missing inmate that once called your cell home.
  • The Heist: Find the stolen masterpiece in the museum curator's office and stealthily sneak out all before he returns to pull off the ultimate heist.
  • Gold Rush - Search for the golden treasure of a missing gold prospector who's made one too many bets with the wrong crowd before the mafia finds it first.
  • Playground - Pass your final test and finish up the school year in flying colors with help from your team as you complete some of the most unique assignments the school has to offer.

These adventures can provide a good time for anyone! They're challenging and exciting, and if you want to learn more, check out The Escape Game Houston today!

Escape the Room Houston

Escape room in Houston, TX

Escape the Room Houston first opened in 2015 and has been a destination for team-building and excitement ever since. Offering a total of nine rooms and two locations in Midtown and Woodlands, there's never a shortage of challenges and fun.

Take a peek at some of the exciting rooms they have to offer below:

  • The Dig: Make your way through the depths of the earth and solve the mystery of how you can make your way above ground.
  • The Apartment: Being locked in an apartment sounds great, but it may not be as cozy as it seems. You'll have one hour to piece the clues together and escape to freedom.
  • Jurassic Escape: In this escape room, you'll have one hour to keep the dinosaurs from roaming the planet once again by finding the master dino DNA before more prehistoric creatures can be produced.

Learn more about all the challenges available and get in touch with Escape the Room Houston on Facebook.

Houston Escape Room

Escape room near Houston, TX

Launched out of the third story of a Rice Village home, Houston Escape Room has come a long way since it first opened in 2014. Today, it's still known as one of the area's first escape room attractions, and it's still a local favorite for all thrill seekers. However, it's even more popular and bigger than ever before.

Now with two locations, (and plans to add even more space for more rooms), Houston Escape Room can provide even more fun-filled challenges that are sure to really get the wheels in your head turning.

Here are some of the rooms available:

  • The Countdown - Time is of the essence! Go through the room and find the clues toy need to diffuse a bomb before it detonates.
  • Agent Mo's Safehouse - Your mission: save Agent Mo by piecing together clues to find a special artifact and escape before her captors do.
  • Naval Warfare: Set on a naval battleship, it has all the fun of an escape room. The twist? You'll play against another team to see who can solve puzzles, fire missiles, and sink ships faster.

You'll find tons of fun and excitement at this local attraction. To learn more, connect with Houston Escape Room on Facebook.

Can You Escape?

With exciting missions and locations all over the Houston area, these places are everything top escape rooms should be and more.

So, do you think you have what it takes to beat the clock and escape the rooms? Check out the best Houston escape rooms to find out!