Best MPG Used Cars

Ford Fusion in Ruby Red - Best MPG Used Cars

If you're in the market for the best MPG used car, there are hundreds of used cars available for you. From hybrids to sedans and SUVs, there's a long list of used cars that get outstanding MPG ratings, so you can spend less time at the pump and more time exploring the area.

To help you decide which is the best efficient vehicle for you, Val-U-Line® is here with a list of the 8 best MPG used cars you need to check out.

1. Ford Fusion

A used Ford Fusion can give you tons of great technologies and a powerful performance that'll make getting to your next destination fun and exciting. Plus, it's incredibly efficient with an EPA-estimated 25 combined MPG for more used models. On top of that, pre-owned Ford Fusion Hybrid models are available and can generate around an EPA-estimated 41 combined MPG or more depending on the model year and powertrain option.

2. Honda Accord

Honda Accord: Best MPG Used Cars

A pre-owned Honda Accord is one of the best MPG used cars you should be considering, especially if you want something that's versatile. Many model years of this sedan can get an EPA-estimated of 25 combined when properly equipped. If you need more efficiency, used Honda Accord Hybrid cars are available. Gas and electric motors help these sedans produce an EPA-estimated 30 combined or higher if you choose newer pre-owned models.

3. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is famous for its sporty performance, but drivers also love it for its impressive MPG ratings. Overall, a used Honda Civic can get up from an EPA-estimated 29 to 33 combined MPG. Pre-owned Honda Civic Hybrid models may also be available. These options can get around an EPA-estimated 40 to 44 combined MPG.

4. Toyota Prius

If you're looking for a best MPG used car, the Toyota Prius is a model you should be considering. With a history of outstanding performance, you can expect a used Prius to be both sporty and efficient. In fact, most of its model years produce more than an EPA-estimated 45 combined MPG and newer pre-owned Prius options can get around an EPA-estimated 50 combined MPG.

5. Nissan Sentra

Nissan Sentra: Best MPG Used Cars

Used Nissan Sentra sedans are equipped with performance features for notable fuel economy. Overall, older model years generate between an EPA-estimate 24 to 30 combined MPG. On top of that, the Sentra is a great option for any city driver. Whether you're commuting or trying to find convenient parking spot, the sedan's compact structure will make navigating through tight city streets easier.

6. Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta offers more than just advanced technologies and a bold, eye-catching design. As a best MPG used car, many of its model years offer close to an EPA-estimated 30 combined MPG or higher for a fuel-efficient ride. Plus, used VW Jetta Hybrid models that get up to an EPA-estimated 44 combined MPG may also be available.

7. Ford Escape

If you're searching for an efficient used SUV, a Ford Escape is a great choice. As one of the best MPG used cars available, the Ford Escape generates more than an EPA-estimated 20 combined MPG, so you can go off-roading or on a cross country road trip without having to worry too much about stopping for gas. Plus, this SUV features a hybrid option. Overall, a pre-owned Ford Escape Hybrid around an EPA-estimated 32 combined MPG when properly equipped.

8. Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage: Best MPG Used Cars

Another efficient used SUV is the Kia Sportage. It gets up to an EPA-estimated 25 combined MPG. Plus, used Sportage models come with tons of space for the entire family and your cargo as well as advanced options to help you enjoy your time behind the wheel. Best of all, its efficient performance doesn't sacrifice power or capabilities, so you can get to where you need to go, no matter what conditions are like, with ease.

Test Drive the Best MPG Used Car for You

Whether you're in the market for a hybrid, sedan, or SUV, there's an efficient used vehicle for you. To learn more about the best MPG used car available or to experience it for yourself, contact Val-U-Line® to schedule a test drive today.