Best MPG Used SUVs

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The best used SUVs are more than just spacious and capable. They also have fantastic fuel economy. If you're in the market for a roomy vehicle with outstanding capabilities and impressive fuel economy, here are the used cars with the best MPG.

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Toyota RAV4

Used Toyota RAV4

A used Toyota RAV4 is a versatile SUV with a focus on fuel economy. Most pre-owned models get an EPA-estimated 22 combined MPG, while newer RAV4 SUVs can provide around an EPA-estimated 26 combined MPG.

They can also come with a hybrid powertrain. Introduced in 2016, the Toyota RAV4 has an engine that works alongside an electric motor to deliver impressive power and up to an EPA-estimated 32 combined MPG.

Are you searching for dependability and space, too? A pre-owned RAV4 can definitely deliver. It offers sturdy construction as well as advanced safety options. Some model years in its third generation also include available third-row seating, so there's always room for everyone.

Honda CR-V

Fuel economy for the Honda CR-V is impressive, whether you buy new or used. If you've got your eye on a pre-owned model between 2007 to 2009, you'll be able to enjoy an EPA-estimated 23 combined MPG when properly equipped. Newer options from 2010 or 2011 offer up to an EPA-estimated 24 combined MPG.

Select CR-V model years may also include performance features, such as the Eco Assist™ System and a Continuously Variable Transmission to push fuel economy even further.

Subaru Crosstrek

Used Subaru Crosstrek

A used Subaru Crosstrek can bring practicality and efficiency to every adventure. With its innovative hybrid powertrain, model years of the compact crossover SUV get an EPA-estimated 29 combined MPG when equipped with the available Continuously Variable Transmission.

To help you stay on the road even longer, you can get behind the wheel of a used Crosstrek hybrid for an EPA-estimated 31 combined MPG.

Best of all, this compact crossover SUV can take on any adventure with ease. Whether you choose the gas-powered or the hybrid option, all used Crosstrek models come with standard all-wheel drive and more than eight inches of ground clearance.

Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is an SUV that can just about do it all. It's reliable and packed with lots of technologies. On top of that, it offers a performance that's full of power and efficiency.

Overall, a used Ford Escape can get up to an EPA-estimated 22 combined MPG depending on the model year.

If you want something that takes fuel economy to the next level, go with the pre-owned Escape Hybrid. It features an EPA-estimated 32 combined MPG based on the model year, so you can hit the road without having to think about where you're going to stop next for gas.

Lexus RX

Used Lexus RX for Sale

The Lexus RX is one of the best used luxury SUVs on the market-and it shows. Beautifully styled and packed with technologies for every model year, it's a car that can really add some fun and comfort to your daily drives.

More importantly, it's efficient. Used Lexus RX model years can get an EPA-estimated 19 to 22 combined MPG. With a hybrid powertrain, you can get up to an EPA-estimated 25 to 30 combined MPG, depending on the specific model year you get behind the wheel of.

Test Drive Some of the Most Efficient Used SUVs

Used SUVs are known for their all-weather capabilities and spacious interiors, but there is one thing you should also know about them-the best used SUVs are also the most efficient.

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