Best Used BMWs

Used BMW Inventory

BMW is known for producing automobiles with high style, power, and features. If you want an affordable luxury vehicle, this brand could work for you. Which model would be right for your lifestyle, though?

We'll help answer that question with a look at some of the best used BMWs around. Continue reading through this guide and feel free to contact Val-U-Line® to test drive any of these models.

BMW 3 Series

Used BMW 3 Series

A used BMW 3 Series is a great option for those looking for a small luxury car. This model is available as a coupe, convertible, or sedan-let the top down for a fun ride or fit the family inside for your next weekend getaway.

No matter which body style speaks to you, you'll find lots of amenities and technologies inside this vehicle.

For example, a pre-owned 3 Series can come with heated leather seating. Combine that with an available power-adjustable driver's seat, and you can remain comfortable for a long time behind the wheel.

Additionally, this vehicle could come with a navigation system. Not only will your route come in clearly through the display screen, but Real Time Traffic Information ensures you get from Point A to Point B in no time at all.

BMW 5 Series

If you're interested in a bigger sedan, a midsize used BMW 5 Series may interest you. It has the capacity to fit five people and their belongings comfortably inside the cabin. However, it also has first-rate power and handling, making it an exciting vehicle to drive.

A pre-owned 5 Series can come with Active Steering, which adjusts steering ratio as your drive. This results in:

  • Being more precise at lower speeds for tight cornering.
  • Being more direct at highway speeds for increased directional stability.

This model can also come with xDrive, BMW's intelligent all-wheel-drive system. It automatically redistributes power to the wheels with the most grip. This action is done instantly, giving you peace of mind as you take on those slicker roads.


Used BMW X3 for Sale

If you opt for a used BMW X3, you'd have a luxury compact SUV that provides a comfortable cabin and reliable performance for you and your family.

Heated front and rear seats are available, so everyone on board can stay cozy on chillier days. Plus, with available Nevada leather upholstery, you'll sink into the seat as you prepare for a nice road trip.

Speaking of road trips, you have plenty of packing options in a pre-owned X3. You could get a cargo bag, which is perfect for skis or other long items. When not needed, simply tuck it away under the rear armrest.

Furthermore, if you're heading toward the mountains or some off-roading trails, this SUV has features to help you out. If your used model is equipped with high-intensity retractable headlight washers, it'll quickly clean the windows of any ice, mud, or road salt. With maximum road lighting, this feature gives you enhanced driving visibility any hour of the day.


Then, there's a used BMW X5, which is a luxury midsize SUV that offers tons of cargo room and advanced safety features.

You can find split-folding rear seats inside this automobile, which makes it easy to fit as many people and items as needed. A third row is even available, providing extra seating for family, friends, or coworkers.

Floor tracks are available in the rear cargo area. By sliding the floor back, you can make space for taller or bulkier items. You may also find a retractable cargo cover, which is great for keeping more personal belongings hidden away.

When your pre-owned X5 is all packed up and you're on the road, you can feel good knowing the vehicle has your back. For example, it could come with a safety technology, such as a Head-up Display. This feature will project vital information-the speed, directions, or driver-assisting warnings-right onto the windshield. Since they'll be in your line of sight, you don't need to take your eyes off the road for even a second.

Test Drive a Used BMW Today

Now that you know which used BMWs are available to you, it's time to see which one is ideal for your lifestyle.

Contact Val-U-Line® to see any of these pre-owned luxury models in person. Then, test drive a few of them today!