Best Used Subaru

Best Used Subaru's

When you think of safety, all-weather capabilities, and downright dependable vehicles, a Subaru will often come to mind. Known for their long-lasting performance, a Subaru is made to go the distance. In fact, most of the models sold within the last decade are still driving strong today!

It's easy to see why a used Subaru has become one of the most popular picks for first-time drivers, college students, and even families. Now the question is, which one is best for you?

Val-U-Line® offers a vast selection of reliable vehicles for you to consider. To help you choose the right car, here's a list of some of the best used Subarus at Val-U-Line®.

Subaru Outback

Best Used Subarus: Used Subaru Outback

In the Subaru lineup, there's nothing more iconic than the Outback. Initially launched as a Legacy trim, this vehicle ushered in a new era for the wagon class as the world's first sports utility wagon. Today, the Outback is a model synonymous with versatility and capability. Regardless of the model year you choose, every iteration of this wagon comes with standard all-wheel drive, an interior big enough for all your camping gear, and a performance that can take on all kinds of road conditions.

Subaru Forester

A used Subaru Forester is the ultimate SUV. Its standard all-wheel drive provides outstanding all-weather and all-terrain capabilities for your next adventure, making it a true road-trip-ready car. Overall, a pre-owned Forester has the power and performance needed to handle whatever you need it to, whether you need to move into a new dorm or explore the nearest off-road trail. On top of that, it's incredibly spacious with around 68 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the first row depending on the model year.

Used Subaru Forester Review

Subaru Legacy

Best Used Subarus: Used Subaru Legacy

As far as pre-owned sedans go, the Legacy is pretty unique. Not only is it considered one of the safety used cars and best Subarus on the market- but it's also one of the most versatile. With standard all-wheel drive, a Legacy will have no problem getting you to work or school even when you want to take those roads less traveled. Plus, newer model years can come with EyeSight® Driver Assist Technology for safety and peace of mind.

Subaru Impreza

If you're searching for versatility, you should consider a used Subaru Impreza. Available in both a sedan or hatchback, it adapts seamlessly to any lifestyle and it has tons of space inside and in the trunk for whatever you need. Also, it's one of the most efficient vehicles available. When equipped with the advanced Continuously Variable Transmission, a used Impreza can get around an EPA-estimated 30 combined MPG for select model years an advanced Continuously Variable Transmission.

Used Subaru Impreza Review

Subaru WRX

Best Used Subarus: Used Subaru WRX

The Subaru WRX takes everything you love about the Impreza and adds a big dose of power and performance to create one of the sportiest vehicles in the lineup. Complete with available sport-tuned suspension options and an aerodynamic design, a used WRX is a dream when it comes to response and handling. Plus, like most Subaru models, the WRX can include standard all-wheel drive for more control when you're behind the wheel.

Test Drive the Best Used Subarus

Used Subarus make fantastic vehicles for any driver. They're dependable, safe, and versatile enough to take on whatever the road throws ahead. If you're ready to experience these reliable vehicles for yourself, head over to Val-U-Line®'s nationwide used car dealerships.

With hundreds of affordable models to choose from, you'll find the perfect Subaru for your lifestyle and budget in no time. Contact us to learn more and schedule your test drive today.