Best Used Cars under $10,000

Used Chevrolet Tahoe

Whether you're a first-time car buyer in college out west or a family looking to upgrade to a bigger car for your move to the East Coast, you'll want to consider a cheap used SUV. Designed with versatility and comfort in mind, they can cater to all types of drivers across the country. Plus, you can even find some SUVs under $10,000.

If you're ready to hit the open road in an affordable and spacious pre-owned car, here are a few of the best SUVs under $10,000 you should test drive at Val-U-Line®.

Out Top Picks Are:
  • Honda CR-V
  • Subaru Forester
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Chevrolet Tahoe

Honda CR-V

Used Honda CR-V

We all know that the "V" in Honda CR-V stands for versatility, but there's more to this SUV than that. With a sleek exterior and powerful performance, a used CR-V adds a touch of sport to every drive. Plus, while it is a compact SUV, there's still more than enough space inside this car for everything you need for your next road trip.

Overall, a pre-owned CR-V has room for five people and can come with more than 100 cubic feet of passenger volume. It can also include more than 70 cubic feet of maximum cargo volume depending on the model year, which makes it ideal for moving small pieces of furniture in and out of your apartment on campus.

A used CR-V may also come with a 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive system depending on the model year and trim selected for added stability and security when you're behind the wheel.

Subaru Forester

Used Subaru Forester

If you're planning on hitting the road for an off-road adventure with a few of your closest friends, you may want to take a closer look at a used Subaru Forester. Every model year comes with standard all-wheel drive so regardless of how bumpy the trails are or how the weather is, you'll be able to get through it smoothly and safely.

Plus, the Forester delivers optimum power for a boost in overall performance. With a standard 4-cylinder engine, you can get around 170 horsepower. It can also come with a turbocharged engine for more than 200 horsepower.

Another big reason as to why the Forester is considered one of the best used SUVs under $10,000? It's incredibly dependable! In fact, most Forester SUVs purchased within the last decade are still performing smoothly and safely today!

Toyota RAV4

Used Toyota RAV4

If versatility is at top of your list of used SUV must-haves, then the Toyota RAV4 is another vehicle for you to consider. Compact on the outside yet incredibly spacious on the inside, a used RAV4 makes everything from family road trips to maneuvering around the city easy and convenient.

It's also known for its balanced performance. The SUV can come with either a 4-cylinder or 6-cyliner engine, and both can deliver ample power for your drives. However, thanks to other advanced performance options, a used RAV4 can also get an EPA-estimated 22 to 26 combined MPG depending on the model year.

For a more efficient performance, some used RAV4 models come with a hybrid powertrain.

Chevrolet Tahoe

Used Chevy Tahoe

In the world of full-size SUVs, the Chevrolet Tahoe sits comfortably at the top of the pack. Its large exterior helps provide more room inside for your family, cargo, and anything else you need for your next adventure. Most Tahoe SUVs come with either seven or eight seats and have more than 100 cubic feet of maximum cargo room behind the first row of seats.

With all that interior space also comes advanced technologies, including a DVD rear-seat entertainment system. You can also find cutting-edge safety features for peace of mind depending on the model year. More importantly, a used Tahoe may come with heated front seats, a dual-climate control system, and an infotainment system for comfort and convenience.

Best of all, performance for a used Tahoe can ensure a capable and dependable ride. In addition to a responsive 4-wheel drive system, this large SUV can offer V8 engine options with 295 to 395 horsepower. It's also strong enough to tow more than 8,000 pounds when properly equipped.

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Searching for a cheap pre-owned SUV? If so, these best used SUVs under $10,000 may be precisely what you're looking for. So, get behind the wheel today and schedule your test drive at any one of Val-U-Line® nationwide used car dealerships.