Nourish to Flourish at 5 Points Local

Yoga near San Antonio TX

Yoga can help build strength, help you relax, and synchronize your body, mind, and soul. One of the best ways to enhance such a refreshing routine is with a nutritious meal.

This may leave you looking for a one-stop shop for yoga and a locally-sourced lunch. For that, you'll want to head over to 5 Points Local. Let's see what they've got going on!

Yoga Flow at 5 Points Local

Yoga Studio

The comprehensive approach to wellness at 5 Points Local starts with yoga. They offer a variety of classes and have something for all skill levels. Plus, their tree top loft-style studio offers a perfect oasis to practice, even in the middle of the city.

One of their most popular classes is Form & Flow. It utilizes the vinyasa form. You'll be led through a series of poses, each one flowing seamlessly into the next. The moderate pace combines physicality with meditation, so you can easily align your body and mind. You'll get to know your limits and learn how to push past them.

Another popular class for all skill levels is Ashtanga yoga. Ashtanga is a traditional yoga practice that will help you learn or fine-tune fundamental poses. The class starts like a new day with sun salutations. Then, you'll be guided through a series of poses and learn to control your breathing as you move along.

Refuel at 5 Points Local

Matcha Green Tea

Once you've had your fill of flow, your body will need to recharge. Luckily, the locally-sourced, farm-to-table menu at 5 Points Local has just what you need.

If you're an early riser, yoga and breakfast is a great way to start your day. You can get a triple stack of fluffy pancakes, or dig into the Rise & Shine Bowl-a seasonal egg and veggie scramble with refried black beans, arugula salad, and avocado. You can wash it all down with a Cappuccino or a Matcha.

They also have lunch and dinner options. If you need a midday jolt, finish your Strong Flow yoga class with a Warrior Bowl. It comes with grilled marinated flank steak, a roasted beet & potato salad, avocado, and a fresh pasture raised poached egg. It's all served on a bed of fresh organic mixed greens with a house made vinaigrette.

Create Some Healthy Habits Today!

Now that you know what they have going on at 5 Points Local, you just need to grab your mat and reserve a spot in class. Just be sure to bring your appetite, too.

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