Move Better, Feel Better, and Breathe Better at Yoga West

Yoga Classes near Houston TX

Yoga focuses on taking care of your well-being. At Yoga West, you move better, feel better, and breathe better when you get immersed in the soul-soothing and fitness-building poses.

Their instructors help you place your best foot forward in each pose they show you. Your experience level does not matter—just your desire to build a bridge between your body, mind, and spirit.

Find Your Class

Flow Yoga

During any time in your life or at any stage, you can do yoga. As long as you can get up without assistance, you’re ready to embark on your yoga journey. Most classes work for any student, but if you need more assistance or suffered from an injury or may be recovering from an illness, you may want to start with the Gentle or Restorative courses.

Other yoga classes include Just Great Yoga, a basic class that incorporates postures that help you gain strength and flexibility; Yin Yoga, a quiet practice that involves holding poses for longer periods; Flow Yoga, which helps you link your breath to your poses; and TRX Body Sculpt, which focuses on building your core with suspension training. Most classes work for any level but require your understanding of basic poses.

If you find yourself struggling with a pose or just want one-on-one training, Yoga West offers this option. They even offer the Yoga West Integrative Yoga Studies Teacher Training program if you develop interest in becoming a certified yoga teacher like many of their current teachers.

Your First Session

Your first class at Yoga West starts with you easing into sessions by arriving about 15 minutes early to get settled. Since they want each class to flow seamlessly, they do not allow students who arrive late for a class into the studio. Instructors encourage students to begin at their own pace and build on their skills from that point forward.  

“Climb” the Great Yoga Wall

Yoga Class

To get the most out of your yoga workout, try out their unique Great Yoga Wall. No other studio in the area offers this innovative tool, which gives you a new yoga experience.

The Great Yoga Wall uses suspension tools, so you can “climb” the wall and work on varied poses. It stretches out your body and gives you extra support, especially when engaging your body in more challenging poses.

Develop Your Yoga IQ

Along with regularly scheduled classes, Yoga West features special events and workshops to develop a greater yoga IQ. A guest teacher may host an extended class or speak on a related subject.

Visit their Facebook page to see what’s next.

Be Your Best Self at Yoga West

If you’re ready to work on and be your best self, check out the classes available at Yoga West. Move better, feel better, and breathe better!