Can I Return a Used Car Within 30 Days?

Returning a Used Car

Finding the dependable pre-owned car you need can take time. In fact, for some, it's common to realize that there is another vehicle out there that's best for you even after you've already made your purchase. However, can you return a used car within 30 days?

Some dealerships offer return policies that allow you to return a used car within 30 days, but not all dealerships' policies are the same. Regardless, returning a pre-owned vehicle is possible.

To learn more about the process and how you can return or exchange a pre-owned vehicle you recently purchased, check out our guide below.

Returning a Used Car Within 30 Days

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Typically, the dealerships that have a return policy will allow you to return a used car within 30 days. However, not all dealers will have the same time frame for returns. For example, Val-U-Line® has a No Questions Asked Return Policy that lets you return the used car you purchased from us within three days or 300 miles.

Others may offer a longer or shorter pre-owned vehicle return time frame. Also, some may not even offer a policy at all. So, if you're in the market for a used car, it's best to check in with your local dealer to learn more about their vehicle return terms, if available.

How to Return a Used Car at Your Local Dealership

If you purchased a vehicle from a place that offers returns, the process of returning or exchanging your vehicle is quite simple. However, there are a few things you need to know before you head back to the dealership.

For example, it's important to make sure you have all the paperwork provided from when you first bought your used car. Having the documents on hand when you're ready to make the return will make the process quicker and even easier.

You also want to take the time to ensure your vehicle is in good condition before returning. If there's a stain, dent, or scratch on your car that wasn't there when you bought it, it's a good idea to get it fixed to avoid potential issues during the return.

Finally, if you have any questions about returning a used car to a dealership, feel free to ask. Whether you're interested in finding out what you need to make a return or if you want to take another vehicle out for a test drive, we're here to help!

Why Shop with Us

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In addition to offering quick, easy, and convenient returns with our 3-Day/300-Mile No Questions Asked Return Policy, our nationwide used car dealers can also give you an outstanding shopping experience. With hundreds of pre-owned vehicles for sale and a team of dedicated sales associates, finding your ideal used car is simple!

Plus, we're proud to be where affordability meets reliability, which is why every car in our inventory has a price tag of $14,999 or below. We take the time to inspect each model for safety and quality, too. We even make sure your next used car comes with updated state inspections and a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™.

Learn More About Used Car Returns

Here at Val-U-Line®, we're dedicated to providing the convenience our customers deserve with our No Questions Asked Return Policy.

For more information about our program and how you can return a used car within three days or 300 miles, contact us today!