Unbridled Love: All About Equine.

 All About Equine

Dogs may be a man's best friend, but horses are also valued pals that require our love and proper attention. The organization All About Equine rescues and rehabilitates abused or abandoned horses. The non-profit group even finds new homes for horses in need.

Read on to learn about how the organization nurtures horses and integrates these magnificent animals with the community.

Harnessing the Community

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All About Equine Animal Rescue Inc. (AAE) was founded in 2009. Based in El Dorado Hills, CA, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was established by concerned individuals who wanted to look after horses neglected by humans.

The wonderful organization transitioned a small family-owned ranch into a facility that could look after horses. The Digiorno-family property includes seven stalls and 14.3 acres.

This area of land is not just horse heaven. Goats, sheep, cats, and dogs are among the animals who call AAE home every day.

Animal lovers can visit the ranch to interact with the animals benefiting from their care. All visitors are asked to email info@allaboutequine.org to help maintain the Digiorno family's privacy.

How to Pony Up and Help All About Equine

The bond between horses and humans is special. Caring for horses is a labor of love. How can you help get our four-legged friends back on their feet?

Horses in the custody of AAE often require extensive support and attention. The cost of their routine care and unexpected veterinarian procedures adds up over time. This includes food, special considerations, and medical care.

The stable of horses at AAE includes mini-horses, elder horses, and rehabilitating equines. A great way to help ensure that horses get the best possible care is to sponsor horses living at the AAE ranch. Costs ranging from hoof care to all-important vaccines are covered by regular donations from generous patrons like you.

Fostering the Future

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The organization does more than rehabilitate horses in a tough spot. Growing a relationship between humans and horses is a critical aspect of their mission. AAE also offers riding and horsemanship lessons to grow knowledge of their beloved equines.

This includes special programming for boys, girls, and children of all ages. Even the big kids. The non-profit hosts birthday parties for children ages 4 through 12. For more unique programming, you can ask about Seniors In Touch and The Foaling Project.

AAE also participates in Horses4Heroes, a national program for local heroes and their families. Participants of different ages can benefit from their values of responsibility, independence, discipline, and empathy. The program promotes safe and healthy lifestyle choices.

Saddle up: How To Engage With About All About Equine

Over 300 horses have been cared for by AAE since its foundation in 2009. In addition to donations, the organization's website features information on how to help horses and a shop.

The AAE website also provides more information on events and programs. Visitors can ask about their horse parties, camps, and clinics. You can also follow the organization on Facebook for updates on adoptions and follow the progress of their magnificent equines.