Community Spotlight: The Blanton Museum of Art

Art Museum

Austin, TX, is home to vibrant artistry. Whether it is music, performances, or visual art, the creative community is a strong part of Austin. One of the artistic organizations we are most proud of is The Blanton Museum of Art.

A part of the University of Texas at Austin, the Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art boasts over 19,000 pieces of art in its collection. This includes creations dating back to Ancient Greece and contemporary artwork.

Explore the World in Austin

The Blanton Museum of Art was founded in 1963. Since its creation, the museum has added pieces from all over the globe. This includes work from Europe and Latin America.

Modern American art dating back to 1875 is also housed in the museum. The Blanton Museum stores over 4,000 modern pieces alone.

By being able to observe work from different regions, our community immerses itself in a unique blend of style and culture without leaving Austin.

Famous Creations at The Blanton Museum

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Every major art museum has individual pieces that give a sense of place and distinction. The Blanton Museum of Art is home to unique work that we are pleased to celebrate in our community.

One piece is Stacked Waters, an impressive creation from visual artist Teresita Fernández. The breathtaking 3,100-square-foot project adorns a wall in the style of a Roman bath. Visitors can take in this Texas-sized project by climbing an adjacent staircase whose colorful surroundings change with the natural light.

Another important piece is Ellsworth Kelly's Austin. The massive 2,715-square-foot project is a site-specific beauty that embodies Austin. Colored glass and marble panels adorn a structure whose design concept was rooted as a site for contemplation.

Finding New Worlds at The Blanton Museum

While these expansive art installations are reason enough to return to The Blanton Museum, rotating exhibitions give visitors the ability to expand their own horizons. The museum regularly brings in new art and creates exciting thematic adventures for visitors.

One such past exhibit was Expanding Abstraction: Pushing the Boundaries of Painting in the Americas, 1958-1983. The showcase provided a look at abstract art forms in the nascent stages of the form's contemporary tier.

Strong programing also introduces the museum's robust art scene to school children from grades K through 12. Social justice and art literacy are incorporated with art. The museum also integrates art with science, mathematics, and technology, fostering a dynamic and balanced education.

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Visiting The Blanton Museum of Art

The institution has rotating and permanent exhibitions that may require timed tickets, so it is best to check with the museum for availability before heading over.

There is so much to see and take in at The Blanton Museum. Visitors looking for more information on their collection can visit their site. Prospective guests can also follow their blog to read more details about their impressive collection.