Down With the Sickness at The Health Museum

The Health Museum

Are you a health nut? Have you always been intrigued by the human body and its functions? Do you want to experience some hands-on exhibits all about human health and wellness? Schedule a visit at The Health Museum!

Keep reading below to learn about their mission and interactive exhibits all about your body and the world around us.

Our Heart and Soul

In the heart of Houston, The Health Museum strives to foster curiosity about the human body, medical science, and overall health and wellness. Through plentiful exhibits, they hope to inspire and promote healthier living among kids and adults.

Not only is this museum a great place to learn about common sicknesses and how our body functions, but this facility also introduces medical sciences to kids. Through real demonstrations and mini classes, they're teaching children about the medical field and all the cool opportunities and jobs that tie into it.

From Exhibit A to Z and Everything in Between

Everything in Between

Much like most museums have permanent and interchangeable exhibits, so does The Health Museum! From walkthrough exhibits about notorious pandemics to an exhibit all about air, there is sure to be a show to pique everyone's interest.

Check out some of their current exhibits below:

  • Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World-Have you always wanted to learn about infectious diseases and how they can spread so quickly? This walkthrough exhibit introduces you to eight worldwide outbreaks and lets you explore how we fight epidemics.
  • Your Body Your Air-Did you know that humans take up to 23,000 breaths a day? This exhibit explores the science behind breathing and goes in-depth on all the other substances we breathe in on a daily basis.
  • Brain: The World Inside Your Head-Are you interested in learning about the complexities of the human brain? How about probing the geography of a giant brain? This exhibit is designed to teach you about how the brain learns and thinks.
  • The Hands That Feed Houston-As such a racially and culturally diverse location, Houston is home to many farmers and ranchers from all walks of life. This photography exhibit showcases the lives of nine sustenance growers to capture the reality of food development.
  • GEAR UP: The Science of Bikes-Have you ever wanted to see what a human skeleton would look like riding a bike? This exhibit shows how the creation and evolution of bikes have impacted human culture.

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Visit The Health Museum Today!

Do you have a kid at home who loves science? Do you have dreams of entering the medical field? Does the human body intrigue you? Stop by The Health Museum to dive deep into your health and wellness today.