Building Community Around Food: The South Austin Thicket

Food Truck

Imagine it: You’re jamming to some live music from your favorite local band. The smell of fresh food is further serenaded by sizzling meat, the snap of crisp veggies, and the clamor of friends and family. It can only be the South Austin Thicket.

Are you looking for a place to support local businesses, try some great food, and catch up with friends new and lifelong? The South Austin Thicket Food Truck Park is the perfect place to do it!

Growing the South Austin Thicket

In 2015, owner Adam Diaz planted his idea for the South Austin Thicket in a field surrounded by dense woods. It was peaceful and picturesque. As he added food trucks, community events, and artisan markets, the Thicket quickly grew into a community hub right here in the heart of South Austin.

Diaz quickly added a stage to his Thicket, which brought in bands from Austin and the surrounding communities. Whether it was a rock band, a jazz group, or a country artist donning that stage, folks traveled from all over to get a tasty lunch and hear some great tunes. They quickly found themselves as part of an engaging community.

The community garden came next. Today, it’s a thriving hub of hard work and fresh vegetables. You can find your green thumb with a gardening lesson and then take home your share of the harvest.

Food Trucks at the South Austin Thicket

Food Truck near Me

Adam Diaz’s focus has been on attracting dependable, quality food trucks from Austin and the surrounding communities, and that’s exactly what the Thicket has done. You’ll be able to grab a bite from one of the following:

  • The Perfect Bite
  • Artipasta
  • Slim’s Spoon
  • Brooklyn Breakfast Shop

Whether you’re craving a juicy burger, a hearty gumbo, or an energizing breakfast sandwich, there’s a food truck in the South Austin Thicket that will sate your appetite. You can even grab your furry friend a treat at The Original Dog Treat Truck. Get him some woof waffles or four-legged froyo. After all, he’s been a good boy, hasn’t he?

If you need to work up an appetite, the Thicket also hosts Zumba and yoga classes on the weekend. Plus, there are always a few local vendors looking to sell their wares. You can even stop into the Thicket Barber Shop for a fresh cut.

Venture into the South Austin Thicket

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or are hanging out with loved ones on your day off, there’s always tasty cuisine cooking in the South Austin Thicket. Plus, all the exciting events you need to really make it a special day.

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