Having a Car in College: Pros and Cons
Driving with Friends in Your Car

Having a car in college is great, but students should always be aware of the pros and cons that come with it. To help you see the types of benefits and drawbacks you can experience when you bring a vehicle to campus, Val-U-Line® is here with your guide to the pros and cons of having a car in college.

Pros Cons
Freedom To Travel Parking Fees
Avoid Public Transportation Monthly Payments
Moving In & Out Is Easier Cost of Gas

Pros of Having a Car in College

Driving in College is Convenient

There's a lot that students can appreciate about having their vehicle at school. Here are some of the pros of having a car on campus.

  • Freedom to Travel
    When you have a set of wheels at school, you're free to travel anywhere. Whether it's going to a part-time job, an internship, or just taking a little weekend road trip with your roommates, a dependable car can get you to where you need to go. Plus, you don't have to worry about asking for a ride or paying for a taxi when you have your own in the parking lot.
  • Avoid Public Transportation
    While traffic can be heavy at times, it's nothing compared to the inconveniences you face when you take public transportation. From weather delays to expensive rates and long bus rides, you can avoid all of that when you have a car on campus to get you to home, work, or just around town.
  • Moving in and Moving Out Is Easier
    Having a car on campus makes the moving in and moving out process easier. All you have to do is pack your belongings into the trunk and drive; you no longer have to wait for your parents to make the trip to campus.

Cons of Having a Car in College

Driving in College is Expensive

A car can give you more freedom and make traveling around town much more convenient, but there are still a few drawbacks that you need to keep in mind. Here are a few listed below.

  • Parking Fees
    College and universities typically require a parking pass for students to keep their cars at school, and you'll need to pay for that pass. Also, if you choose to park on campus without a pass, you can be subjected to fees and fines.
  • Monthly Payments
    If you're looking to buy a car for college, you'll want to think about the costs associated with it. In addition to the parking pass, students will need to make monthly payments. However, there are ways to help reduce the monthly payments, like buying used.
  • Cost of Gas
    The cost of gas is also a drawback. When you have your car in college, you're more likely to travel and drive around. With that being said, you'll need to start factoring in the cost of gas into your budget as you start spending more time at the pump.

Find a Used Car in College

Having a car in college has its drawbacks, but it's easy to see that its pros outweigh its cons. For more information about the pros and cons of having a car at school, or to see which used car is perfect for life on campus, contact Val-U-Line® or check out our selection on cheap used vehicles online today.