How Many Miles Is Too Many for a Used Car

How Many Miles Is Too Many for a Used Car

At Val-U-Line®, we know that mileage is something that all buyers consider when shopping for a used car, but how many miles is too many for a used car?

To find out, here's everything you need to know about the mileage and average lifespan of a used car.

Average Used Car Lifespan and Mileage

Typically, a 10-year-old used car has an average mileage of about 120,000 miles, but this isn't the standard for every pre-owned vehicle on the market. Depending on its age and previous driving history, the mileage of a used car can vary from a couple hundred to over hundreds of thousands of miles.

So, is there such a thing as having too many miles on a used car? Yes and no. While having a high mileage can mean that the vehicle you want has been driven quite a bit throughout the course of its life, the average lifespan of a used car isn't determined by mileage alone. Its reliability boils down to how it was cared for by previous owners.

For example, a used car with over 120,000 miles can still produce a safe performance if it was well-maintained and received necessary routine services and repairs. On the other hand, a lower mileage pre-owned vehicle that didn't get the regular maintenance it needed may not be able to deliver the dependable performance you need.

Tips for Buying a High-Mileage Used Car

How Many Miles Is Too Many for a Used Car

Again, mileage isn't the determining factor of the lifespan of a used car. If you want to drive home in a reliable vehicle, you'll want to check out a car's vehicle history report, too.

The details in their vehicle history report can give you a better understanding of a car's dependability and its overall lifespan. With this, you can see how many owners it has had, service information, and reported accident details.

You should also always schedule a test drive when you're buying a used car. When you're behind the wheel, be sure to keep an eye on how well it performs and how each system and performance features under the hood responds.

Finally, make sure you shop at a dealership that performs thorough inspections and repairs for each vehicle as needed before it hits the lot. This makes sure that all their available used cars can deliver the outstanding performance you need to get to where you need to go.

Find a Dependable High-Mileage Used Car!

While mileage is something a driver needs to consider, it's not the only thing that can determine the lifespan of a used car. So, don't just look at the number on the odometer-get a closer look at its driving history and performance, too. Also, be sure to choose a car that's been inspected and repaired to ensure a safe ride.

At Val-U-Line®, we're proud to offer a huge selection of used cars of all mileages that have been meticulously inspected and repaired for safety. To learn more about our inventory and our 360-point safety inspection, contact our team today.

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