Sell a Car Online New York

If you're looking to get a different ride, you're in for an exciting adventure. There are lots of different options waiting for you out there, each one with its own possibilities and features that get you itching to get behind the wheel. Your first step is selling your current ride toward your next one, which is where we come in.

Our team at Val-U-Line® is dedicated to helping drivers just like you make their lives on the road easier. We're here to help you sell your car online in New York for a simplified process that gets you a great plan. Once you get started, you'll be well on your way to your next grand adventure!

Why Sell Your Car Online

Sell OnlineWhether you have an inheritance in the driveway that you're looking to pass on or are looking to trade up to your next car, selling it is the way to go. To make the process even easier, you can complete the process entirely from your living room! Modern convenience lets you get started whenever and wherever you want.

Because of our dedication to helping all drivers get on the road in vehicles they love, you can be confident you'll get a fair plan. We work with a nationwide network of dealers so that we can help you no matter where in the Empire State you are. When you combine our simple selling process with the at-home convenience, you'll have a fantastic car selling experience from start to finish.

How it Works

Online ProcessYour process starts by telling us about your car. It only takes a few minutes, and we use that information to calculate your car's estimated value. You can scan or type in your VIN with your phone to get the process underway.

You'll then answer a few questions about your car. It gives us a better idea about your car so we can estimate its worth. This includes basic information about your car, including:

  • Make and model
  • Model year
  • Mileage
  • Condition

You will then take a few pictures of your car to upload. When you share these photos, we can see your car as it is to confirm details and get an impression of it. After taking all your information, we'll contact you with our best offer, with no additional fees, either.

Get Inspected and Get Paid

InspectionAfter you accept the offer for your car, you'll help schedule an appointment at a nearby auto center to start the final step. A car expert will inspect your ride to double-check its condition as well as transfer the title. After that, it's as simple as leaving the keys and taking the check!

Once you get that money from selling your car online, you can look through our hundreds of different used cars. Your next ride is waiting for you there, and there's plenty of variety as well:

  • Fuel efficient sedans
  • Spacious SUVs
  • Rugged trucks
  • Luxury vehicles

Simply start your search for your next used ride!

Sell Your Car Online New York

By selling your car online, you'll be one step closer to your next journey in New York. Contact Val-U-Line® today and get your sale process underway!