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The history of the Toyota Camry spans decades. While every model year of this sedan comes with outstanding dependability and a reliable performance, each generation offers something different.

If you're thinking about driving home in a used Toyota Camry, it helps to know a bit more about its most popular generations. To find out which model years have the features and performance you need for the road ahead, Val-U-Line® is here with a closer look the Toyota Camry generations and a little Toyota Camry history.

Toyota Camry: History Overview

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Ever since 1983 when the Toyota Camry landed in dealership across the nation, it's been one of the most popular sedans for just about any driver. From small families and daily commuters to college students searching for their first car, the Camry was designed to cater to everyone. Plus, it introduced tons of innovative technologies, making it a true pioneer for the sedan class.

More importantly, the Camry made a name for itself as a dependable car. With numerous awards and recognition for many of its model years, it was (and still is) the sedan people choose for its reliability and dependability.

Toyota Camry Generations
  1. First Generation: 1983 to 1986
  2. Second Generation: 1987 to 1991
  3. Third Generation: 1992 to 1996
  4. Fourth Generation: 1997 to 2001
  5. Fifth Generation: 2002 to 2006
  6. Sixth Generation: 2007 to 2011
  7. Seventh Generation: 2012 to 2017
  8. Eighth Generation: 2018 to Present

First Generation: 1983 to 1986

The first generation of the Toyota Camry provided versatility with two body styles. A sleek sedan was available for those looking to drive in style, while a hatchback option gave people more interior flexibility and space.

There were also three different engine options available, including a turbodiesel engine, designed for power and performance.

Second Generation: 1987 to 1991

The second generation of this iconic sedan introduced more power with a V6 engine and enhanced capabilities with an available all-wheel drive option.

Things remained mostly the same when it came to interior design and features. However, the most notable aesthetic change for the Camry during 1987 and 1991 was the new wagon body style. Replacing the hatchback option from the first generation, the wagon body style of the Camry provided more comfort and space for passengers onboard.

Third Generation: 1992 to 1996

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The Toyota Camry hit the market as a compact car, but it became a midsize sedan during its third generation. Coming in at about six inches wider and two inches taller than previous generations, the Camry definitely looked and felt larger.

During this time, it also added a sleek coupe body style to the lineup. There was also a new standard 4-cylinder engine and an available V6 option to help you get the specific power and performance you need.

Fourth Generation: 1997 to 2001

The fourth generation of the Toyota Camry was one of the first to become the best-selling vehicle in the country. With more modern styling and enhanced reliability, it's easy to see why.

On top of that, the sedan offered even more power compared to its previous generation. Overall, the standard 4-cylinder option during these model years produced 133 horsepower, while the available V6 generated 192 horsepower.

Fifth Generation: 2002 to 2006

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Fifth-generation Toyota Camry models introduced a new, more distinct overall look. With a swooping exterior design and a larger body, it was one of the most eye-catching cars during that time. Plus, its exterior upgrades offered more than just aesthetic benefits; it also provided more legroom and space inside. It also included an advanced navigation system to make it easier to get to your destination!

In terms of performance, Camry models from 2002 to 2006 got an impressive V6 as well as a bigger 4-cylinder engine. The 4-cylinder option provided up to 157 horsepower for a more exhilarating standard performance.

Sixth Generation: 2007 to 2011

Like many of the previous generations, Camry cars from 2007 to 2011 were bigger and offered even more powerful engine options. However, the thing that made this generation truly unique is the introduction of the Toyota Camry Hybrid model.

The Camry Hybrid came with the iconic Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain and was designed to provide the power needed while enhancing fuel economy. When properly equipped, it got up to 187 horsepower and up to an EPA-estimated 33 MPG city based on updated EPA tests.

Seventh Generation: 2012 to 2017

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The seventh generation of the Toyota Camry is where we see the sedan leap into the modern age with styling updates and advanced technologies. One of the most innovative features for these model years was Entune® infotainment. With smartphone connectivity options, it helped drivers stay connected and entertained when behind the wheel.

It also gave sedan-seekers more peace of mind with more advanced safety options. From driver-assist technologies to more responsive airbags, the Camry during these model years were designed to help you and your passengers stay protected from the unexpected.

Eighth Generation: 2018 to Present

Today's Toyota Camry embodies many different aspects from its previous generations as well as some of the most modern features and technologies available. However, no matter how many design and performance updates it's gone through, you can still expect Toyota Camry models today to be one of the most dependable options on the market-just like all its previous generations.

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