Used Car Mileage vs Age

Used Car Mileage vs Age

Mileage and age are two factors drivers tend to consider when buying a used car. Both can give you a general idea of a vehicle's overall condition, and they may even help you gauge its longevity and performance quality before you even get behind the wheel.

However, which is more important: the mileage of a used car or its age?

Check out the guide below to find out.

How Mileage & Age affect a Used Car

Low Mileage Vehicles

The number on the odometer and the model can be quite helpful when it comes to choosing the dependable used car you need.

For mileage, a lower number on the odometer is typically recommended. A low-mileage car may be able to generate a higher quality and more stable performance, while a high-mileage vehicle may be prone to more performance issues.

When it comes to age, a younger vehicle is usually recommended. Not only will newer cars come with more modern features, but many may also include a smoother, more dependable performance. Older cars, on the other hand, may have outdated technologies as well as more wear and tear under the hood.

Other Factors to Consider

Understanding the mileage and age for a used car can be quite helpful in determining which vehicle offers the dependability and performance you need. However, while a newer pre-owned model with fewer miles is typically a good option for drivers, there are exceptions to this guideline. With that said, it's important also to consider the following factors.

Used Car Mileage Type

Sometimes, a pre-owned vehicle with fewer miles on the odometer can have more damage under the hood if it was regularly driven through stop-and-go traffic. Constantly accelerating and braking causes quite a bit of wear and tear on performance parts.

On the other hand, a used car with more miles can offer a smoother ride, if it was mainly used for long road trips and long daily commutes on the highway. Highway miles generally means less wear on the vehicle.

Used Car Service and Maintenance History

Vehicle History Report

Age can be a factor in a used car's overall quality, but it won't determine its performance and longevity. If you want to get an idea of how well a used car will last and perform, it's best to take a peek at its service and maintenance history in its vehicle history report, too.

How well its previous owners took care of the car plays a major role in how dependable and long-lasting it is. If a newer option didn't get all the routine maintenance and repairs it needed throughout its life, it might be more likely to experience performance problems and breakdowns. However, an older car that got all its oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid changes may offer a more reliable ride.

Find the Dependable Used Car for You

There's more to a dependable used car than its mileage and age. To make sure you choose the most reliable option, it's important to consider several factors, such as mileage type and service history, too.

Here at Val-U-Line®, our team is committed to making sure you get behind the wheel of a dependable and safe used vehicle. So, if you'd like to learn more about important factors to consider when buying a pre-owned vehicle, contact our team today!