Used Honda Odyssey

Used Honda Odyssey for Sale near Houston, TX

Introduced in the mid-1990s, the Odyssey was the first Honda minivan. In the decades to follow, it would grow to become a highly popular automobile, especially for families.

Below, we'll break down this impressive vehicle, giving you an idea on what it has to offer. Then, after reading up on a used Honda Odyssey, you can contact us at Val-U-Line® to see it in person.

Used Honda Odyssey: A Brief Overview

Used Honda Odyssey Cargo Features

Whether it’s a family-friendly hauler you’re after or you’re just searching for a spacious and dependable car for your road trips, the Honda Odyssey has always been a top pick. Its interior is filled with tons of features and is comfortably roomy enough for both passengers and cargo.

The features it can come with depends on the model year and trim you choose, but every Odyssey will have systems dedicated to your protection and peace of mind. From advanced airbags to performance-stabilizing technologies, you can expect all these and more within this used minivan. Plus, those who end up going with a more recent model year may even have access to driver-assist technologies dedicated to helping you avoid an accident and keeping you aware of your surroundings when you’re behind the wheel.

All in all, the Honda Odyssey is dependable enough to be passed down from generation to generation. So, if you’re searching for a car that’s perfect for your family now that can also be a reliable set of wheels for a young driver down the line, a used Odyssey may be the car for you.

Room for the Whole Family

No matter which used Honda Odyssey you choose, you’ll have plenty of room for everyone and everything you need. Early model years offered room for six or seven passengers, depending on the trim level selected. By 2005, the maximum passenger capacity grew to eight.

Also, a used Odyssey can give you more than enough space for dorm supplies, grocery bags, and any other cargo you may need. Overall, most pre-owned models come with about 38 cubic feet of cargo capacity behind the third row, 90 cubic feet behind the second row, and 150 cubic feet behind the first row. So, whether you’re looking to pack up your entire dorm for the summer or you just need a bit of space for luggage, a used Odyssey should have enough room inside for everything you need.

Plus, some models even come with a few features to make cargo loading and commuting easy and more comfortable. Some used Odyssey model years include a third row that could fold and tumble into the compartment under the floor. With this, drivers could fold the seats to haul more cargo instead of removing the row completely. Plus, a power rear liftgate was introduced in 2009—making it easier than ever to load up the Odyssey.

Features Found Inside a Used Odyssey

Used Honda Odyssey Interior Features

As one of the most reliable used cars available, you can expect a pre-owned Odyssey to include tons of safety features to keep you and your most precious cargo protected. However, it can also come with a variety of entertainment and convenience options for an easier experience behind the wheel.

When the Odyssey first came out on the market, it came standard with dual-zone climate control that allowed those in the front and back control of the airflow and interior temperature. A version of this feature is still available in more modern options of this minivan, letting each person up front adjust the cabin temperature settings.

As the years went by, more and more features were thrown into the mix. For example, in 2000, the Odyssey came with a factory-installed navigation system. In the model years following, Honda also added an available rear-seat entertainment system to keep the kids occupied during those long road trips.

Bluetooth® is quite useful when wanting to make phone calls or stream audio. It comes standard in used Honda Odyssey models starting in 2013 and lets you stay connected hands-free, so you can stay focused on the road ahead. Plus, the 2014 model year introduced Pandora® compatibility in the minivan, giving you more entertainment options beyond the AM/FM radio.

Finally, a feature that's unique to this Honda model is HondaVAC®. This built-in vacuum cleaner came out in 2014 and lets you quickly clean up any crumbs that your little ones may have left behind.

Used Honda Odyssey Performance Specs

The Honda Odyssey has a reputation for quality and dependability, and part of that stems from the vehicle's performance.

It originally came with a 140-horsepower 2.2L 4-cylinder engine that was mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission. It was praised for its excellent ride and great handling but would soon get a boost of power.

In fact, a few years later, a 210-horsepower 3.5L V6 engine was introduced for second-generation model years from 1999 to 2004. By 2011, that engine jumped up in power to 248 horsepower. Plus, the engine became paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission in 2014 for even smoother shifting.

When it comes to fuel economy, the Odyssey was designed to help you travel farther for longer. A feature that greatly contributes to the vehicle's efficiency is Variable Cylinder Management, which was introduced in 2008.

The cylinder deactivation system disables a portion of the engine's cylinders during specific driving conditions, such as highway cruising. The result is a boost in fuel economy, allowing you to spend more time on the road before needing to stop and refuel.

Test Drive a Used Honda Odyssey

From a spacious interior to dependable safety and a powerful yet efficient performance, a pre-owned Honda Odyssey is a vehicle for all families. Now that you know more about some of its used model years, you’ll want to check them out for yourself to make sure it truly is the perfect fit for your family.

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