Used vs Certified Pre-Owned

Used vs Certified Pre-Owned

If you’re buying a new-to-you vehicle, one of the most important questions you’ll need to ask yourself is whether you want to buy used or certified pre-owned.

Used and certified pre-owned cars share quite a few similarities but understanding their differences will make it easier to decide which is right for you. To help you learn more about both options, Val-U-Line® is here with your guide to used vs. certified pre-owned cars.

Variety in Selection

Used vs Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Selection is key to finding your perfect ride. If you’re buying used, you’ll have all the options you need. When you purchase a used car at a dealership, you’ll find more variety with used vehicles. You’ll be able to choose from family-friendly SUVs, efficient sedans, and capable trucks! Plus, used inventories typically include options from numerous model years and manufacturers.

Best of all, you may even come across something that you may not usually find in a new or certified pre-owned inventory. So, if you’re in the market for a rare find or something that may not be in production anymore, choosing used is a great choice.

The selection of certified pre-owned vehicles you’ll find when shopping may not be as diverse as a used inventory. Typically, certified pre-owned cars are only available in a handful of brands based on where you shop. As a result, you may not find all the options you need to find the right car for you.

Cost & Affordability

If you’re looking for a car that fits your budget and can help you save, you may want to consider getting behind the wheel of a used car. Compared to certified pre-owned vehicles, used cars tend to cost less, depending on their age and the features equipped.

Are you looking to finance your new-to-you ride? You’ll be able to do so with a used or certified pre-owned car. However, since the overall cost of a used car can be less than a certified pre-owned option, you may be able to put less down and pay less monthly based on the vehicle you end up choosing.

Certified pre-owned vehicles are typically newer and can come with a handful of advanced technologies. While those are good perks, it can result in a higher price tag.

Dependability & Peace of Mind

Used vs Certified Pre-Owned FAQ

While used and certified pre-owned options do have their differences, reliability is something both have in common.

Almost all certified pre-owned vehicles go through an extensive multipoint inspection to make sure everything under the hood is working properly. They can also include limited warranty coverage for added peace of mind.

Used cars can come with warranties, too. In fact, if they’re newer, existing warranty coverage can be transferred to a new owner. Plus, many dealerships put their used cars through a rigorous inspection and repair check to make sure you’re getting behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s truly reliable.

At our used car dealers, we put each used vehicle in our inventory through a 360-point safety inspection that checks powertrain options as well as interior and exterior features. The check makes sure that everything in the car works correctly and safely.

Used vs Certified Pre-Owned: Which Is Right for You

Used and certified pre-owned vehicles come with many benefits, but if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly and versatile option, a used vehicle may be for you.

Check out Val-U-Line®’s selection of used cars and contact us for more information!