What Is a Rebuilt Title?

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If you've been searching for a cheap used car, you may have noticed the term "rebuilt title" in the listing. A rebuilt title can typically give you an idea about a vehicle's history and its overall condition, but what exactly does it mean?

To find out, Val-U-Line® is here with your guide to rebuilt titles for used cars.

What Does a Rebuilt Title Mean?

Rebuild Car Title

A rebuilt title is a title given to any vehicle that's been repaired or restored after receiving a salvage title.Like a clean title, a rebuilt title typically lets buyers know that the car they're considering is safe and in good working order. However, these titles are only issued to vehicles that have been in a major accident or have suffered severe damage.

For example, when a car gets into an accident or sustains serious damage, the insurance company may deem it as totaled. In this situation, the vehicle's title goes from clean to salvage. From there, a salvage car can be sold for scraps or repaired.

If you or the buyer chooses to fix the damages, it can receive a rebuilt title after the car is thoroughly inspected and approved by the state or the jurisdiction the issues titles.

How to Find a Dependable Used Car with a Rebuilt Title

While it can indicate severe damage in the past, cars with rebuilt titles can be quite dependable. However, there are still a few things you should to do to make sure you're choosing a used vehicle that's reliable and right for you.

  1. Check the Vehicle History Report
Vehicle History Report

With a detailed history report, you can learn more about ownership and title history. More importantly, it can even give you a closer look at its accident history and the type of damage it sustained then and throughout its life. This report will help you get a better understanding of the repairs it may have needed.

You may even be able to see how it was fixed. The reported maintenance and repair information can highlight the services performed as well as where it was repaired. With these details, it'll be easy to see if the used car you want received all the repairs it needed.

  1. Look into the Required Repairs

If you come across a used car with a rebuilt title, it generally means that it has been through damage in the past. However, these cars can still deliver a dependable performance after they've been repaired by a team of service professionals at a premier service center or autobody shop.

Service centers and autobody shops have high standards when it comes to safety, performance, and overall dependability of the vehicles they maintain and fix. By checking the vehicle history report or talking to the seller, you can find out where the used car received its required repairs along with its maintenance history.

  1. Buy Your Used Car at a Dealership
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There are many dependable used cars with rebuilt titles available across the country. However, it's best to buy from a dealership to make sure you're getting something that's truly reliable.

Dealerships, such as Val-U-Line®, not only offer a variety of options to choose from, but they may also provide a detailed vehicle history report and any other resources you may need when you're shopping. They also take the time to inspect pre-owned vehicles for safety and overall quality before they hit the lots, so you can be sure you're driving home in a safe and dependable car.

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Cars with rebuilt titles can provide the dependability you need to drive off with peace of mind. If you'd like to learn more about these vehicles or how our team can help you find the right used car at the right price and the right financing, contact our team today!