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5 Stars

Great staff, great selection, great prices. I really wanted the Telluride that they had on their lot and had emailed and phoned about it the day before.  Unfortunately, I had a meeting and by the time I arrived to see her, she was being looked at by another customer who eventually bought her. Although they did not have anything on their lot that I thought I would like, I was told about the car I eventually bought and decided to take it for a test drive.  I absolutely loved it.  And, not only did it have fewer miles on it than the Telluride, it was less expensive. The only problem was that I was told it had a tow package installed, and it did not.  When we discovered that, I asked if one could be installed at no charge and, if so, I would buy the car.  Well, they did not choose to install the tow kit but, instead offered me a discount that more than covered the estimated cost of installation.  What a great deal. I was actually able to buy one on Amazon and install it myself for a quarter of the discount they gave me. I have never bought from Boardwalk Honda before but, you can be sure I will highly recommend Boardwalk Honda to all my friends who are looking for a car.  And, when it is time to get the electric vehicle I want, they will be my first stop.

Customer: Christopher L. Miller
Date: 2023-03-11
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